Socks of My Own Design

I like to knit, I like to crochet, too, but one of the things I like about knitting is that I can make my own socks. Now, before you go biting my head off, crocheters, yes I know you can make socks via crochet. I just don’t like the drape and feel of them. I tend to crochet a little tightly and crocheted socks don’t fit me as well nor do they stretch well. I need that stretchiness because I have a double wide foot.
As somebody who loves to go barefoot, socks are funny in my head. I love to go barefoot, but socks on my feet are awesome! Maybe it’s because shoes cover up socks and I tend to go for bright, bold, attention-getting yarn that just begs to be showed off and since I already don’t like shoes it works out great.
Anyway, I will post a pic so you can see what I designed. Which is awesome because I’m pretty sure it’s my first design. It might be my second.
It was a pretty simple pattern for an ankle sock (that is to say it fits at the ankle, it is not a crew [end of the ankle/ beginning of the calf] or anklet [slightly taller than an ankle] sock) with a cloverleaf lace stitch on the top.
I’ll put up the pattern as well, but if you’d like to see what I remember from memory (Sorry!)…

I used Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn. Pretty sure it was Razzle Dazzle

Needle- US 2 (2.75), or you know, pretty sure it was US 2, since I like to knit socks in size US 2 needles. Maybe whatever the yarn’s label asks for?

A couple of place markers.


Cast on 66. I think I used the Chinese waitress cast on, which is stretchy and easy once you get the hang of it, but hey, use what you’re comfortable with.

Join in round, dividing between three double-pointed needles, if you like place marker to signify beg of round, but you don’t have to just yet.

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl

Continue in Garter St in the round (that is to say knit one row, purl the next) for 1/4 inch.

Added on June 24, 2015:

Switch to working Stockinette St in the round (which is knit every row). Do no more than 5 rows.

Divide the stitches again so that you have 33 stitches on one dpn. This will be your heel. I especially like the wrap and turn heel with the slip stitches, because I’ve made some patterns with that heel and I like that that particular heel stands the test of time. What I’m getting at is that I used that heel design, because it’s awesome, and I recommend it. However, if you like an afterthought heel, for example, go ahead and set it up that way. I’m not gonna stop you.


I’ll post the rest later, I promise.


My First Public Review Ever

Okey-dokey… I know I wrote some posts (blogs, whatever) since 2009, but I guess I never let them see the light of day.

Anywho, I recently found out why my brain kept misfiring. It turns out I have diabetes type 2, with hyperglycemia. When your blood sugar is high, your brain is like on overload. Think ADHD on steroids. And those mood swings.

Those mood swings, man… I tell you, I don’t miss them.

Now that I’m controlling my levels better, I can finally sit down and read or knit and crochet, without the freak outs. Granted, I have to cut into some of that time to exercise, but I feel better so it’s not a loss or anything.

That brings us into what really brought me here. I just finished reading Zombies VS. Unicorns edited by Justine Larbalestier and Holly Black. It is an anthology where authors chose a side to write for and did so well.

As somebody who likes both zombies (Romero’s shambling hordes are my favorite, but I don’t kick the other ones out of my fantasies) and unicorns (the deadlier, the better), I was excited to find such an awesome literary achievement.

Before I read this, when asked, “Which, zombies or unicorns?” I would invariably answer, “Both, of course.” Frankly, though, if I had to choose going from this book, I believe my answer would have to be, “Zombies, duh.”

Don’t get me wrong, the unicorn stories were entertaining at the very least, but generally speaking the zombie stories were a lot stronger.The unicorn stories seemed to usually end with an open-ended conclusions which drives me absolutely nuts. If you’re going to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, dear god, man!, don’t cop out. Commit to your stories and end them, even if the so-called professional reviewers don’t like them. Love your ending and stick by it and trust me when I say you will find an audience. That’s not too say that there weren’t one or two zombie stories that Team Zombie could have done without.


Ok, as a Gemini, my favorites list is always updating and changing. But there’s two titles that never leaves the “favorite movies” list. They are Stand By Me and Little Giants. Stand By Me because its a cool story by Stephen King, and the Little Giants, because it’s a classic underdog story.

I mean, like the happiness that ensues after they take one yard. One yard! But, you know, no one should underestimate the little achievements of the underdog. We thrive on that.

That’s all I got to say, my blogs are sweet and short.


Douglas Adams, a Wiccan?

I am researching numbers and their meanings as of late and I’ve come across the number 42 quite a few times. So, curious as I am, I decided to look it up and see the meaning behind it. It turns out that 42 is a number of “light, glory, and peace multiplied by life”, shit you not, that’s what it said. Take that, you answer to life, the universe, and everything, you!

All in all, most of the numbers that have been popping up around me are saying the same basic thing; “Be patient, for a phase in your life is ending and another better one beginning. What you desire will come to you. Be patient.”



Okay, so I’m a bit superstitious.


I’m a lot superstitious. Like Roy, my boyfriend,  says, “You’re a theatre person. . .” [(it’s usually followed by ” so you can’t judge others”) not that I do. I never do.] So, I’m a theatre person and I have all sorts of superstitions. Lately though, I’ve been thinking of a particular one. It has to do with a necklace and the clasp (or latch, if you prefer. . . . oh, y’know, the close-y part.)

One; if it moves to the front, you make a wish (and kiss it) before putting it back.

Two; if it moves to the front, someone is thinking of you. You kiss it, like you’re thinking of them, too, and put it back.

Three; if it moves to the front, someone is thinking of you. To find out who it is that’s thinking about you, you ask a person to hold up three fingers. You assign a name to each finger (the first three names that pop into your mind). You then ask the person to lower one finger, and that’s the person who’s thinking of you. To go further, you assign “Love” and “Friendship” to the remaining fingers. Again, ask the person to lower another finger and that’s what their thought was imbued with.

Hee hee! I love superstitions.

Got any other fun ones?

I Haven’t Slept for 10 Days!!!

Because that would be too long.

   -Mitch Hedberg

(who longed to be “dashed”)


But truthfully I havent slept for about two days straight, it happens, i have insomnia, bouts of insomnia. Every month like clockwork, for four days I get no sleep. Not tired, not sleepy, my brain only works at half capacity. . . . grogg. . . No matter. . .  Life goes forth! It feels like it passes me by, though, not too bad since I dont think about my boyfriend being away so often as the only thoughts in there are ‘deep breaths. eat. i wish i could sleep, don’t you? why haven’t you seen a doctor about this, again? oh, right. . . . you know what would be cool? learning how to make fudge! Make fudge! Go! Go now. nevermind. . .  watch sundance channel instead. less risk of getting burned!’

I’m gonna go brush my teeth now. . . . and belly dance. . . . dont ask. . . .

Have you ever made fudge? How about your grandmother, did she? Did she pass it on to you? I am curious about you reader! Answer, pleases and thank yous.

Hello world!

Hello world, indeed!

  Hi everybody and hope you’re having a wonderful day as I am. The reason I am having a wonderful day is because, well, I just had an amazing batch of pancakes! Apple and cinnamon, thank you very much! hahaha! Anyway, this is my first post in my first blog ever so here goes it: I’m an arts-and-craftsy person and more often than not I have a random thought that needs to be shared with the world (which is why i now am the proud owner of this blog, yay!) I speak like 5 languages and occasionally like to exagerate. . . i suppose you’ll get to know me more after a few more posts, but I’ve got to take my leave just now, so bye!